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Cabinet Construction Details
Advantage Series
Our most popular line of component cabinetry features plywood construction and durable prefinished interiors. Solid wood shelving and two drawer box construction options add value, while a host of available options add to the line’s appeal; including 11/16” flush sides and matching specie interiors.
Wall cabinets are 12-1/2” deep; heights range from 12” to 42” with over 400 separate skus.

Multiple base cabinet configurations are available in 34 -1/2” high and 24” deep.

Tall cabinets are available 84”, 90” or 96” tall and 18” or 24” deep in a variety of configurations.

Most vanity cabinets are available in 18” or 21” deep and 31-1/2” or 34-1/2” high in over 150 skus.

Appliance Cabinetry is available to accommodate most manufacturers’ appliances.

Home office desk and bookcase units are available in five standard wood species.

Flush Ends
11/16” plywood cabinet sides represent quality while our flush end styling bespeaks true craftsmanship.
Exposed Ends
1/2" thick plywood cabinet sides add value while providing matching specie veneers on visible cabinet sides.
Extended Stiles
Integral front frame extensions add 3” to either stile for custom installation requirements.
Flush Toe
Furniture designs can be achieved on most base, tall and vanity cabinets with the addition of our 5-1/2” flush toe option.
Dovetail Drawer Boxes
4-sided dovetail drawer boxes feature English dovetail construction crafted from 5/8” thick hardwood. 1/4" thick bottoms standard.
Drawer Slides
Choose one of three drawer slide options from Blum on both the Advantage and Essence series. (Tandem Plus undermount shown)

Advantage (Plywood Line)
  • Front Frames: 3/4" thick solid wood with 1-1/2" wide stiles and rails unless otherwise specdified. Blind mortise and tenon joints. Non-standard configurations must be ordered as custom fronts.
  • Cabinet Sides: 1/2" thick plywood with Birch veneer on both sides.
  • Cabinet Tops: 1/2" thick plywood with Birch veneer on both sides. Most base cabinets have open tops with two 1/2" thick by 3" deep plywood support strips running across the full width of the front and back.
  • Cabinet Bottoms: 1/2" thick plywood with Birch veneer on both sides
  • Cabinet Backs: 1/2" thick plywood with Birch veneer on both sides
  • Shelves: 3/4" thick Birch plywood with a banded front edge. Both sides of shelves are finished with a UV clearcoat. Shelf height adjustable in 32mm increments. Plywood shelves are standard in the ADvantage line and can be upgraded to a solid wood shelf.
  • Drawer Boxes: English dovetail construction. 5/8" thick solid wood with eased top edge. 1/4" thick bottoms standard; 3/8" thick bottoms and additional drawer box options available at an upcharge. Drawer boxes are finished with a UV coat.
  • Teeboard Strips: Available in 4" high x 8' long x 1/2" thick plywood strips in Cherry, Hard Maple, or Red Oak.
  • Prefinished Interior: clear finished interiors are standard in the Advantage line. Clear finish is on interior of backs, tops, bottoms, and sides. Finished interior cabinet surfaces are not designed to be painted. Cabinets that will be painted should be ordered with matching interiors.
  • Matching Specie Interior: Matching specie interior cabinets are unfinished. Drawer box parts do not apply.

Custom Size Cabinet Program

Cabinets may now be ordered in custom widths, depths, and heights. They may also be ordered with any of our custom door styles, custom wood species, profile options, and custom finishes. This makes our custom program the most flexible customer-oriented program available! You will find our pricing to be significantly less than custom cabinet manufacturers.

Our custom size cabinet program allows customers to simplify their manufacturing and ordering processes by eliminating the need to modify stock size cabinets and parts to achieve non-standard sizes. Ordering custom size cabinets reduces the amount of time spent calculating part sizes, eliminates additional machining of parts, reduces the chance for error throughout the entire process, an allows customers to order a complete cabinet - including doors and drawer boxes - with minimal effort.

Most custom size cabinets are available with widths, heights, and depths in 1/16" increments. Cabinets with drawer boxes are limited to 18", 21", and 24" depths to correspond with standard drawer slide hardware. Standard Cabinet Systems options are available with custom sized cabinets with some exceptions.

Contact our office to discuss your custom cabinet needs. (Toll free 1-800-756-8077 or Email at