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Project Design Center
Designing and laying out your project

At Kitchen Cabinet Systems, we make it easy for you to design your kitchen or other project. Whether your job is a remodel of an old kitchen or new construction, you have come to the right place. Follow the simple steps below.

Designing the Kitchen or other project:

Step #1
Print out the Project Layout Grid. This is your worksheet and will allow you to see a top view of your kitchen, showing you what space you will need for each cabinet, as well as doorways, windows, appliances, etc. This guide will be a big help in laying out your kitchen.

Step #2
Start by choosing the shape of the kitchen. Kitchens are usually either "L" shaped, "U" shaped, or " = " shaped (Galley). They sometimes have Islands which are stand alone units with sinks, cook tips, or extra counter space. Other kitchens have Peninsulas which add counter space or a breakfast counter.

Step #3
Measure the kitchen walls as they exist now or as they will look in the future design, and mark them on the Layout Grid. Note where the electrical and plumbing lines are located and also mark them on the grid.

Step #4
Next, sketch in where the door ways, windows, appliances, etc. are located, noting their size (width and height). This will allow you to see the actual space that is available for your cabinets.

Step #5
Next, you can choose your cabinets. Using the navigation menu above, choose SPECIFICATIONS to CABINET SELECTION, then select the various cabinets and accessories you need.

Start in one corner of the room and work your way around all four walls, filling in each cabinet that you desire. Wall cabinets are generally 12" deep and bases are 24" deep.

Note that corner cabinets are the most critical cabinets in the kitchen, because they only come in certain sizes. Remember to note toe kicks, moldings, and other accessories that are often forgotten. Also note that door swing can be either left or right on cabinets less than 24"wide.

Step #6
Finally, double and triple check your measurements, and then move on to the Quoting Information page.