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Policies and Procedures
We acknowledge orders only at the request of our customers. If you would like an acknowledgement of your order, we would be glad to fax or mail you one. Please let us know.


All changes must be faxed. Orders may be changed at no charge for the first 24 hours after the order has been placed. After that time any changes will incur a minimum $5 per item charge. Order changes can be made only until the time they enter production.
Our production schedule varies slightly depending on our volume of orders in-house and current capacity. Once an order has entered production it cannot be changed.

Payment Terms

100% Prepay

We accept payment in the form of:

1. Credit Card - MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express

2. Cashier's Check - guaranteed and provided by any U.S. bank

3. Money Order - available at any U.S. Post Office

Minimum Orders

We have a 5 cabinet minimum order.

Displays and Samples

Sample door and drawer fronts are available and made to your order. Please call or E-mail our office for information on display and sample discounts.


All cabinet orders are shipped with legally licensed common carrier trucking companies which best service the customer's area. If you have a trucking company you want to use, we can ship your order "freight collect" with that carrier. If you don't specify at the time of ordering, it is understood that you agree with our selecting the best carrier for you. Occasionally trucking companies experience delays for various reasons. You understand and agree that unintentional delays sometimes do occur due to "Acts of God" or human error. We will do all we can to work with the trucking company to expedite your shipment to you no matter the circumstance. It is understood that we are not responsible for extra costs you incur due to any schedule changes you may have to make as a result of the shipping delay.


Claims for missing, damaged, or incorrect items must be made within 5 days of receipt of the order. Please fill out a Product Replacement Report and fax it to our office immediately. Call our office and we will fax you one.

Freight Damage

Before signing a delivery receipt make sure you have done the following:
1. Check your shipment against the delivery receipt and your order confirmation to be sure you receive all cartons listed.

2. Carefully inspect each carton for damage.

3. Have the driver note any shortages or damage, even if slight, on the delivery receipt. Immediately after delivery, open all cartons and inspect for concealed damage. If you find damage, do not destroy the shipping cartons. Retain damaged items, cartons, and inner packing materials in your receiving area until notified by Cabinet Express to do otherwise. Please do not file a claim yourself. Please fill out the "Product Replacement Report" and fax it to our office immediately.

4. Damaged items will be replaced ASAP. You will be charged fro all replacements until damages can be inspected and approved. Upon approval a credit will be issued for the original damaged products only, not shipping costs.

Returned Goods

Only stocked items can be returned. All made-to-order items cannot be returned. Cabinet Express reserves the right to inspect all products needing replacement. You will be contacted and instructed on how to prepare for a freight pick-up. Credit will be issued upon inspection of replaced products if they do not meet our stated specifications. There is a 25% restocking fee. Approved credit will be for the cost of the product only, not shipping costs.
Warranty Information
  • The manufacturer warrants that, for a period of one year from date of shipment, our products will be reasonably free of defects in materials and workmanship. When properly handled, our products will conform, within acceptable tolerances, to applicable manufacturing specifications. This limited warranty applies only to the manufacturer's products which are stored, handled, and installed in the manner recommended in this product manual. The manufacturer will not be liable for any indirect, consequencial or incidental damages sustained by the user.

  • The manufacturer's warranty is limited solely to the value of the original materials purchased from the manufacturer and is further limited in amount to the purchase price paid for such materials. The manufacturer will not be liable for the cost of extraneous materials, labor, travel costs, installation expenses or other related expenditures.

  • Natural characteristics in the wood (burls, grain patterns, pin knots, mineral deposits, sap, etc.) that fall within the manufacturer's specifications will not be considered defects.

  • The manufacturer will not be liable for damages to products caused by improper handling, storage, assembling, finishing or installation by the customer. Our products are not warranted against expansion occuring as a result of high moisture or humidity conditions.

  • The manufacturer's finished products carry a one-year warranty against peeling, blistering, fading, or cracking, but no warranty against decoloration. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damages or poor color match when finish is applied by the customer.

  • Some species, particularly Cherry and Eucalyptus will darken natually with age. The manufacturer is not liable for the change in appearance of any product, finished or unfinished, due to this aging process. Results of aging will be more obvious when using clear, light, or glazed finishes.

  • Mitered doors allow a .010" joint gap 1" from the inside bead.

  • Mitered doors are not warranted against joint separations that occur as a result of high humidity or moisture conditions. Painted finishes are not recommended on mitered designs.

  • Veneered panel doors are not guaranteed to match solid wood framing on the same door. Veneer will absorb stain differently than solid wood. The mismatch of solid and veneers is not considered defective.

  • Solid wood moulding color may differ from doors of the same specie.

  • Single panel, five-piece doors and drawer fronts over 26" wide or 48" high are not warranted for warpage or cracking of panels or framing joints.

  • Allowable tolerances against expansion, warpage or cracking of panels is 1/8" up to 12" wide and 24" high. Allowable tolerance is 1/4" for one-piece products from 12 1/16" wide by 24 1/16" high up to 24" wide to 36" high. All one-piece solid products over 24" wise and 36" long are not warranted against expansion, warpage or cracking of panels.

  • All three-piece drawer fronts over 30" wide and 14" high are not warranted against expansion, warpage, cracking of panels or cracked joints.

  • The manufacturer expressly disclaims any and all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including all warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose with respect to its products.
Waiver of Responsibility for Assembly and Installation

Kitchen Cabinet Systems, a division of Maple Craft USA is not responsible for the assembly and the installation of all products purchased by its customers. Any resulting injury or damages due to faulty assembly or installation is the sole responsibility of each customer who purchases products from us.

We provide assembly instructions giving correct instruction for assembly. We also recommend installation guidelines.