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Wood Species
Offering 24 standard species, Kitchen Cabinet Systems has something for everyone. Whether you prefer the warmth and beauty of closed grain woods, or the bolder styling of open grains and rustic species, Conestoga has the wood that can satisfy even your most discriminating customers.

The following photographs show our unfinished Standard Grade Wood Species. Colors in the photos below will vary from their actual appearance after the cabinet doors have been stained and finished. These photos are examples of the wood in their natural state and are representative. Each door is unique and special. Not all wood cabinet doors are available in all wood species.

You may order a sample door if you are unsure of which species is right for your project.

*Available in Premium Grade

Red Birch
White Birch*
Hard Maple*
Soft Maple
Red Oak*
White Oak*
Paint Grade
Paint Grade Hard Maple
Knotty Pine
Rustic Knotty Alder
Rustic Knotty Cherry
Rustic Knotty Hard Maple
Rustic Knotty Red Oak
Rustic Knotty Hickory
Quarter Sawn Red Oak
Quarter Sawn White Oak

Premium Grade

Our "Premium" grade has been developed for those jobs where a more uniform look is needed. The grade contains less of the natural material characteristics and is produced within a much narrower color range.

Premium orders will be matched to obtain a look that is as uniform as possible. However, since each board is different, there may be slight differences in appearances and color between pieces. Premium products will contain fewer and smaller mineral streaks and knots than " Standard" grade. A Premium grade order will give you a job that is cinsistent thoughout for color and material characteristics.

In the "Heartwood" species, such as Red Oak or Cherry, no sapwood will be seen on the face of the door; in the "Sapwood" species, such as Maple or Ash, no heartwood will be seen on the face. This includes machined areas from a normal viewpoint after installation.

We recommends Premium grade for natural and transparent finishes.

Pecan/Hickory is an exception to our normal Premium grade guidelines in that the color variations and lack of uniformity are a characteristic of Pecan /Hickory. A Premium grade of this specie will include a narrow range of variation, but will not be uniform in heartwood or sapwood color.

Standard Grade

Our "Standard" grade of material has been developed to meet a wide variety of applications and will provide a very versatile product at a reasonable cost.

Standard grade material allows for many of the natural characteristics of the wood to be present in the product while limiting or eliminating the most objectionable. This material grade allows us to utilize as much of the natural resources as possible while still producing a product that meets the needs of our customers.

Even though each board has its own individual appearance regarding color and grain, panels will be matches for a pleasing appearance. Colors will be blended within each door. Character marks such as knots and mineral streaks are strictly limited in size and amount in most species.

In "Heartwood" species, such as Red Oak or Cherry, the amount of sapwood that is present on the face of the door is strictly limited and will not be present in the machines areas. "Sapwood" species, such as Maple or Ash, limit heartwood to machined areas.

Alder has little or no distinction between sap and heartwood and is an excellent choice for light or natural finishes.

Standard grade works very well with most finishes. Lighter and clear finishes may tend to accentuate the natural color difference within the product and may not be pleasing to some people. If unsure of the appearance that will be obtained with the required finish, two or more sample doors should be ordered and finished prior to ordering an entire kitchen.

Value Grade

Our "Value" grade material has been developed as an alternative price point product for medium and darker finishes an is only available in Red Oak and Cherry. This grade increases utilization of our natural resources by allowing more color variation and other natural characteristics than our Standard grade.

While each board has its own individual appearance in color and grain pattern, panels will be moderately matched for color. Sapwood may be present on the face. Character marks such as pin knots and mineral streaks, although limited in size and amount, will be more prevalent and numerous than in our Standard grade.

This grade works very well with most medium to dark finishes. Light and natural finishes will accentuate the natural color differences within the product and may not be pleasing to some people. If unsure about the appearance being acceptable, two or more samples should be ordered and finished prior to ordering an entire kitchen.